Black Cumin and Mint Vegetable Bhaji


This is a dish my husband and I cook a lot, it is simple and easy to prepare and make. It is also something our families cook the most and there are many different variations of it. The best thing about bhaji’ is that you cannot really go wrong with it. There isn’t a set rule or method you have to follow and it is a very versatile dish. Add and mix whatever you like! My dad even added chopped-up green apples from our apple tree one summer which tasted surprisingly good (despite my skepticism)!

For this dish we chopped-up lots of vegetables and added my all time favourite spice (along with other spices) black cumin. It is also known typically by my peoples as kalonji or more commonly known as onion seeds, fennel flower or Nigella sativa! The black cumin along with the mint created an amazingly aromatic dish that could be smelt all over the house!


3 potatoes peeled and chopped in to medium size cubes.

3 large carrots peeled and chopped in to equal sizes to the potato.

1 large onion finely chopped

2 cloves garlic finely chopped

a few leaves of cabbage (add as much as you prefer)

handful of mint leaves

1 tbsp black cumin

1 tsp turmeric

1/2 tsp ground fennel

1/2 tsp ground coriander

1/2  tsp chilli flakes

1/2 curry powder

2 tbsp olive oil



1. First add garlic to hot olive oil and lightly brown, follow this with the onions until translucent.

2. Create a little opening in the center and add the black cumin and fry on low heat for 2 minutes. This also allows the onions and garlic to continue to cook and then stir.

3. Once onions are translucent and slightly browned add the ground fennel, ground coriander, curry powder, turmeric and chilli flakes and keep stirring for for 4-5 minutes so as not to let the spices burn.

4. Add the vegetables and mint to the mixture and stir.

5. Leave the vegetable on low heat and  occasionally stir to stop it sticking or burning.

6. Once the vegetables are soft take off heat and leave to cool.

The mint leaves will turn a dark colour almost black. It is up to you whether you want to keep them in when you serve the dish. It tastes good but sometimes when serving I do take a few out as the mint fragrance and aroma will be infused into the bhaji!

Fry some extra black cumin and sprinkle over the top and enjoy!

19 responses to “Black Cumin and Mint Vegetable Bhaji

  1. Me too, I’ll be trying this too. So much nicer to get a recipe from someone who has made it lots rather than some random recipe off the internet! x

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  3. Very nice looking dish. It’s great to have a veggie meal as a go to during the week. I’ll give it a shot. What is the definition of a bhaji?

  4. This looks really nice and healthy! Ive looked everywhere for nigella seeds but didnt find it,I never knew they are called black cumin seeds as well! Fingers crossed ill find them this time in my supermarket :d

    • Thank you! It is!
      It’s sometimes hard to find in supermarkets, so if you have a shop that sells south Asian/ethnic food you can look for ‘kalonjhi’ and I am pretty sure they will have it 🙂

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