Pizza Express

On Friday night, after a long afternoon of shopping, my friend and I decided to have dinner at Pizza Express which is a few minutes away from Sloane Square station. The atmosphere in the restaurant was lovely and cosy and we spent the evening catching up. The food was amazingly filling and delicious especially after trekking around Central London all day whilst lugging around arm fulls of shopping bags!


For our starters we ordered:

Olives Nocellara Del Belice

Large green Sicilian olives (with stones).

Polenta Chips

Italian polenta with rosemary, twice baked and finished with grana padano, served with honey & mustard dressing.


For our mains we decided to share a Pasta and Pizza:

Pollo ad Astra Leggera

Leggera Pizza: A thinner, crispier Romana dough. The hole in the middle is filled with rocket salad, santos tomatoes and shaved ricotta salanta.

Chicken, light mozzarella, sweet peppadew peppers, cajun spices, garlic oil, red onions.


Polpette Piccante (Pasta al Forno)

Spiced Bolognese sauce, beef meatballs, fresh red chillies, roquito peppers, gruyère & parmesan sauce and mozzarella, finished with rocket, fresh basil and shaved grana padano.


The pizza and the pasta tasted really delicious ans spicy and the waiter brought over a small pot of chili flakes, chili infused oil and garlic infused oil.


I was contemplating getting a Tiramisu for dessert but decided I was too full to eat another bite, so we just ordered coffee and carried on talking!

When the cheque arrived we were pleasantly surprised. The waiters were lovely, we had a few laughs and the food was served promptly after ordering.

Pizza Express:

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