Antonio Carluccio’s Fish Soup

This absolutely mouthwatering dish was re-blogged from Cooking in Sens!

Cooking in Sens


Part I – Sunday Chez Parret

Before I went to the U.S., I was renewing my love affair with Jamie Oliver’s magazine and was especially dazzled by one of his featured chefs, Gennaro Contaldo


The Dog from Mad Dog TV Dinners, was caring enough to give me a link to a TV show that featured Contaldo and another chef, Antonio Carluccio.  No big fan of cooking shows, I dutifully slogged through the first part of the show.  If Mad took the time to send me the link, it was the least I could do!  In about the middle of the show, Antonio Carluccio cooked a fish soup that was so real and appetizing that I knew I just had to make it and eat it with my favorite people!  Thanks Dog!


Thierry, the bringer of all good things and, today, a new plate and bowl.  M…

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