One-Pot Baked Fish



Did I ever tell you how much I love fall weather? If not, I can certainly tell you how happy I am to be away from the blistering annoyance of summer’s heat and my irritation with humidity and still winds. This season is too beautiful to be mourning the loss of summer. From the morning breeze that is just perfect, lathering my skin like the gentle touch of my lover, to dusk, when the moon cascades over me, drowning me with rays of tender affection. Every single one of my precious minutes is filled with warmth and comfort.

It is the time of the year that facilitates wonder in one-pot cooking.

During this season, I am in full swing – mixing, muddling, grinding and assembling my cooking into one-pot wonders. Sophistication and splendor are the hallmarks of this fish casserole. Slivers of thyme proclaim an herbaceous aroma. The potatoes are…

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